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True flexibility

We sincerely believe in a work/life balance — this often feels like lip service, but we take it seriously.

• Friday night, 9:00. You’re invited to leave Sunday for a 3-day bike tour through the desert.
• You win out-of-state concert tickets, but you need to leave like right now to make it in time.
• The local shelter just posted some puppies, and you’re leaving immediately to adopt one.
• Have you ever taken a guilt-free four-hour lunch?
• Let’s admit it: Sometimes you simply don’t feel like working.

These are all true reasons some of us have stepped away from work, and it’s never required anything more than a courtesy update to teammates: “Here’s a quick update on my workload, everything’s taken care of, and I’ll be unavailable until _____.” That’s the honest reality at HQ.

What matters is producing great work and making clients happy. That almost never requires anyone to come into the office (though we love having the team in the office, and some of us prefer working there). You truly never need to ask permission to leave, work at home, go on vacation, etc. Doing great work is the only requirement.

“So, as it turns out, unless you're a young child or a prison inmate, you don't need anyone supervising you. People just come in and do their work on their schedule. Imagine that. People like us allowed to [work]. Unsupervised. And yet, somehow it works.” - Jim Halpert

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Variety is the spice of life

Since we don’t specialize in particular industries or client types, our work is always custom. We get to learn and experience all kinds of new things along the way (including, but not limited to, attending a funeral industry convention and flying in WWII planes). These experiences help us understand our partners and their users better. Think ‘bespoke’ instead of ‘mass-produced.’

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Maternity & paternity leave
Work from wherever, whenever
Paid Holidays
Phone/computer reimbursement
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Small team, big ideas

We don't have multiple layers of management, and you don't need permission to try something new.

The freedom to try

Sometimes a new idea makes our jaws drop; sometimes it flops and we have to try a different approach. Either way, the experience gained is always valuable. We work with the most cutting-edge technologies and push the envelope with new methods. We move too fast to ever get bored.

Why work at hq

You can't fake culture


Team bonding

We’re always discussing “the next HQ activity.” Generic Italian Restaurant™ isn’t catering while a talking head lulls us to sleep — we’re skydiving. Because hey, when you’re dropped out of a plane with us, you’re family.


We get crazy

Skydiving (yes, we were serious), team breakfasts, bowling, team ski days, video games, pre-work hikes, team BBQs, movie premiers... [Insert your great idea here.]


Laid back. Seriously.

Casual Fridays are outdated and kinda insulting (please pass it on): You’re an adult with good judgment; wear what you want. Lay on the couch to ponder a solution. Go for a jog. Whatever it takes to do great work.


Geek out

Game of Thrones is over, but while it was airing, Monday afternoon watch parties were a sacred time for much of our team. Work shouldn’t only be about working: We form genuine friendships.


Your genuine self

Whoever you may be, that’s who we want on our team. Don’t feel like you have to put on a mask when you go to work: We thrive on the variety of interests and personalities we have with us.


We avoid stress

Every great job will require putting your nose to the grindstone. But generally, we firmly believe work shouldn’t be stressful. When it gets that way, we make adjustments. Burnout is not a virtue.