Work at HQ


Case of the Mondays?
Never Again.

In an attempt to balance the ol’ work/life balance, HQ started a completely flexible work schedule. It’s kind of a complicated concept so allow us to explain in six easy steps:

Step 1 Monday happens
Step 2 You roll out of bed
Step 3 Put on your HQ embroidered Snuggie
Step 4 Pull out your Laptop
Step 5 Work, Work, Work, Break, Work, Nap?, Work, Work
Step 6 Look at you! You’ve just avoided a case of the Mondays

At HQ, what matters is that we produce great work and make our clients happy. That doesn't always require you to come into the office. You never need to ask permission to leave, to work at home, to go on vacation, etc. Doing great work is the only requirement.


Feng Shui on Point

On point? Is this what the youth are saying now? Nevermind, we’ll ask our interns. Our office is located in the heart of downtown Ogden in the historic Kiesel Building. In a past life our building was home to the Security State Bank to finance ancient Ogdenites. It’s now home to a growing entreprenurial tech community. Our open floor plan lends itself to collaboration and the exposed brick is a homage to Ogden’s rich history.

HQ team in our office and doing activities togetherHQ team in our office and doing activities togetherHQ team in our office and doing activities togetherHQ team in our office and doing activities togetherHQ team in our office and doing activities together


Small Teams, Big Ideas

We don't have multiple layers of management and you don't need permission to try something new. We work with the most cutting edge technologies and push the envelope with new ideas. We move too fast to ever get bored.


Variety is the Spice of Life

We are very lucky to work with funded startups, corporate enterprises, and small businesses. This means we get to make things for all sorts of industries. Almost every project we start has a unique problem for us to solve: designing complicated web dashboards, developing social mobile apps, creating a new website design for an existing company, or branding a new one. Our clients trust our judgement and allow us to explore to find the correct design solution for their market.


We get crazy

The HQ team partakes in various traditions and activites. There’s never a dull moment and always something to look forward to. And no we’re not talking about casual Fridays.

On the RegSpecial Occasions
Ping PongUtah Warbird Adventure
Halo MeetingsBowling
Movie PremiersPaintballing
Work from homeBackyard BBQ's
Hack OgdenPing Pong Tournaments
Free Lunch FridaysPool Parties
Startup WeekendApple Developer Conferences
(On TV, we're not rich)


If you ❤ design and code,
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