Full-stack Web Development

Web development example with code.

World-class results

Our development team has several focuses:

Integrated design and development. Unlike many agencies, our engineers and designers work side by side to create pixel perfect results. Our developers care about the details and play well with designers. We can build sophisticated products from start to finish or integrate with existing development teams.

Clean, readable code. That means you're not handcuffed to us if you need to bring on new developers. It means anyone from our team, yours, or another party can jump right in.

Thoughtful structure. We've dealt with messy code- features and plugins bolted on with no regard to consistency. We don't do that. We pride ourselves in code structure that is flexible and sustainable.

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Custom marketplace

Working together, HQ and Legacy.com designed a platform where a funeral home could have their own virtual marketplace populated by the offerings of their local vendors.

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Custom marketplace example
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Web-based design application

We designed and built the Print Suite Pro from the ground up. This tool allows event directors to create unique designs for printing on a number of products.

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custom design tool example
Case Study

Online broadcasting

We helped Show&Tell create a platform for indie filmmakers to stream videos, collect payments, and interact with viewers.

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video streaming design example
Case Study

Static marketing site

We rebuilt Disruptive's new site, including hundreds of pages and templates. Much attention was given to their content and conversion strategies to make sure the new site accomplished important business strategies.

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marketing website example for an agency
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Healthcare applications

We have built about a half dozen custom healthcare products that are HIPAA compliant and integrate with external software providers.

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Example of a healthcare website
Case Study

Fintech website and app

Lively needed a refreshed website, with the challenge of very unique user types. We helped modernize the design that helped funnel the right users to the right places.

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A fintech example.
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We helped Degreed build a shiny new blog that helps establish them as an industry leader.

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An education blog example.
Case Study

Bloomtech Institute of Technology

Lambda School—now known as Bloom Institute of Technology—came to as a fresh startup in need of a website, brand refresh, and physical product design.

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An education startup example.
Case Study

Hey Grill Hey

Hey Grill Hey is a leader in the BBQ industry, providing delicious recipes, products, and other content. We rebuilt their website and online store, modernizing the design and improving the content management system.

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An ecommerce website and blog example.
Development Tools

Services we provide

Web Applications

Layout-responsive web apps that work well on phones, tablets, and desktops.

API Development

Build platforms and APIs for all devices, including mobile, social, voice, VR/AR, and anything else with an interface.

Database Structure

A strong competency in database management, architecture, and  optimization.

Decoupled Architecture

We’ve been at the forefront of JAMstack and content APIs for years. We know all the pros and cons.

System Integrations

Modern apps often pull data /services from numerous third parties. If we can get access, we can build it.


We have been building using modern js libraries and frameworks for nearly a decade.

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