Case Study

Hey Grill Hey

Hey Grillers, Heeeey!

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What we did

Full-stack web development
Web design
Content management system


Branding refresh and site design — Hey Grill Hey came to with a new logo and a huge amount of custom BBQ content, including recipes, reviews, and videos. We implemented and expanded the new brand system, and designed a site that could better handle a huge about of valuable content.

Robust content pages — In particular, the recipes pages needed to be modular and balance many different goals. We also re-architected the paths to finding relevant content through a more robust search, filter, and category system.

Development — Blogging and selling products has unique challenges. Wordpress is a great blogging platform but has significant limitations in ecommerce. Shopify is a powerful ecommerce tool with mediocre blogging functionality. We ideally wanted to sell through Shopify but maintain the Wordpress blog. We suggested a headless architecture that would enable us to rebuild the website using the capabilities of both Shopify and Wordpress. By leveraging the benefits of both platforms, we were able to create a unique user experience for our the end users.

With the headless architecture, the blog could be statically generated and served up quickly to users. Meanwhile, the ecommerce functionality of Shopify was directly integrated into the pages, allowing customers to add products to their cart and checkout seamlessly. By choosing this approach, we were able to give our client the best of both worlds: a fast and functional blog and a fully integrated ecommerce site. The result was a website that drastically reduces friction in converting readers to customers.

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