Case Study

Revere Health

Website build for a health provider

Healthcare case study.

What we did

UI/UX design
Web development
Web design
Content management system


Branding refresh and site design — including a new color system, typography, illustrations, and photography direction. Revere came to us with a corporate-feeling identity, which we pivoted in a more modern and relatable direction.

The previous site design felt dated and confusing. We helped improve common user flows and implement an updated look and feel.

Streamlined site structure and hierarchy — Revere’s site contained hundreds of location and provider pages, without a clear organization or structure for finding critical content. We started from the foundation, creating easier paths to key actions and pages. A revamped navigation, above-the-fold common actions, and search system helped streamline the site.

Platform for providers — Revere employs hundreds of healthcare providers, each with varying needs for sharing content. We created modular provider pages that caretakers can use as personal content hubs.

Development — We developed the site on a Javascript-based technology stack.

Back-end and content management system — Revere’s site has a flexible and robust content management system built on Contentful.

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