Case Study

Legacy Floral

Admin dashboard and eCommerce platform in the funeral industry

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What we did

UI/UX design
Web development
Web design
Content management system


The Problem
For years, guests and well-wishers nation-wide have ordered floral arrangements through’s partnerships with floral delivery services to deliver flowers to funeral services. and the funeral homes wanted a way for local vendors to fulfill these orders, but in many cases, both the funeral homes and local florists lacked the appropriate resources to coordinate order fulfillment.

The Solution 
HQ and Legacy worked closely together to create a white-label solution for their funeral homes. Guests are now directed from the decedent's obituary to a marketplace with the funeral home's branding and inventory of products  curated from local vendors. Tukios joined early in the process, contributing  their clientele and industry knowledge. New features are added each week, allowing the Legacy team to meet the needs of an ever-growing list of funeral homes (1200+ as of September 2022) and vendors (1300+ as of September 2022).
The marketplace is supported by an administrative panel for funeral homes, vendors, and system admins to manage orders, users, funeral home locations, and products, and to analyze the related data. Robust analytics enable the teams at Tukios and Legacy to improve conversion.
 Launched in December of 2020, the platform first surpassed $1M in monthly revenue in August 2022 and continues to grow.

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