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It’s no surprise that documentary filmmakers may face challenges gaining exposure for their films, but  many people may be surprised to learn that even with great distribution deals, getting paid well  for their work remains a challenge. Having experienced this in his own work, Keith Ochwat set out in the early aughts to find solutions. Since then, he has sought to provide instruction, tooling, and a community to help guide filmmakers over known hurdles to find success and compensation for their work.

Keith came to HQ to collaborate on that tooling. His goal was to create a platform where  filmmakers could screen their films, charge for tickets, collect donations, and advertise. 
Before development began, Keith worked with HQ's design department to refine branding and aesthetic while also making the product easy to use for filmmakers promoting their work. 
At the same time, HQ's development team focused on architecting performant and reliable software to support the feature requirements. The end product was a white-label solution that has been used by over 700 filmmakers with a growing number of success stories.

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