Project discovery phase

Clients come to us with varying levels of research and planning. We supplement and expand your resources to match your project goals.Since every project is different, we keep our project discovery process fluid.

Project goals

All research should be guided by project goals. Most website projects involve producing a modern and clean design, but many considerations must be balanced. These could include:
- Optimizing calls to action
- Establishing trust with a specific user base
- Restructuring hierarchy, navigation, or the site map
- Balancing messaging between varying user types
- Increasing usability
- Search engine optimization
- Increasing site speed
- And many more

We’ve worked on hundreds of website projects and have experience balancing numerous goals. Identifying those from the beginning help guide decisions throughout the process.

User research

Some sites cater to several user types, each with unique goals and expectations. Defining users and project goals for each is the next step in the project discovery phase.

Often clients come to us with information and research on their users, and sometimes we help facilitate a deeper dive. Either way, we’re experienced with building a site foundation focused on solving problems for specific user types.

User flows

Each user type has specific actions they want to take on a website. Website owners have specific actions they would like users to take. We plan around these flows and assign hierarchy to elements and sections on the website that support these goals.We also spend time optimizing each flow to maximize ease-of-use and conversion.

Competitor research

It’s important that website help a brand stand out among their competition. We give consideration to what other industry players are doing on the web and how your project compares.

Styling inspiration

We invest time researching websites that can serve as inspiration for the look and feel of your project. Some of this is done among competitors, and some is done generally across the web.

This helps us gather a wealth of inspiration and helps align us on the vision of the design before we start our own exploration.