Pro-Vigil is the largest mobile video surveillance company in the nation. They protect a variety of sites ranging from real-estate to cell phone towers. We had the awesome opportunity to re-brand the company to enhance their online and mobile presence. Add some good design, and even surveillance makes us excited.

Pro-Vigil desktop, tablet, and phone viewPro-Vigil desktop, tablet, and phone view


A "brand" new face

Re-branding a company can be an overwhelming task, but working with the great team at Pro-Vigil made it a pleasure. We were able to closely collaborate and share ideas with each other to create effective and beautiful solutions.

Pro-Vigil business cards design
Pro-Vigil watch app design
Pro-Vigil website design
Pro-Vigil print design


Out with the old

We completely transformed the Pro-Vigil brand. Many of our projects involve updating existing products. Compare the old with the new with slider below.

Pro-Vigil screenshot of new website
Pro-Vigil screenshot of old website


“HQ has a very talented design team along with a programming staff that is able to make the design team's vision a reality. The project management and communication is also first class.”

– Jeremy White, CEO

Pro-Vigil design
Pro-Vigil design
Pro-Vigil design
Pro-Vigil design
Pro-Vigil design

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